BravaTrak® is First in Leadership Analytics. This forms the backbone of the 2 programmes we provide:

  1. Sales and Service Break-Thru: Your organisation will begin here, getting you at least a 21% increase in sales or service, while also improving employee engagement. It is 21 weeks long, and consists of all parts of the model below.
  1. Sales and Service Sustainability: Your organisation will continue with this programme after completion of Sales and Service Break-Thru. It ensures you continuously improve upon the gains you’ve made in sales or service, and employee engagement. This is 1 year long, and consists of Measure, Plan, and Follow-Thru in the model below.



1. Identify

We will help you identify:

  1. The world-class Sales or Service Leadership Processes, specific to your organisation, to be used by your managers – taking into account any constraints you may have.
  2. The Key Sales or Service Behaviours, specific to your organisation, which your managers need to get their teams to use.

We will provide you with documented recommendations which you can implement immediately, and start getting improvements.


2. Learn

We will help your managers learn the 7 Disciplines of Great Sales and Service Managers. These are based on our modelling of managers of high performing sales and service teams, and validated by international research.

We will train your managers either through a 3 day Workshop, or a 3 month online Leadership Lab – consisting of 12 x weekly online Training Sessions and 10 x online Modules with Action Plans. You’ll get weekly update reports to see the progress your managers are making in the course content.

The 7 Disciplines of Great Sales and Service Managers are:

  1. Drive for Results: Your managers will learn the world-class Leadership Processes we helped you identify.
  2. Focus on Key Sales or Service Behaviours: Your managers will learn the Key Sales or Service Behaviours we helped you identify, and how to get their team members to use them.
  3. Provide Positive Feedback (Praise) to Reinforce Behaviour
  4. Are Willing to Confront Poor Performance
  5. Have a System for Noticing What People are Doing
  6. Develop Others
  7. Link Work to Its Impact on Organisational Performance

Managers have access to the course materials for life. Once a manager has completed the Workshop or Leadership Lab, they are provided with a workbook with all the material, so they can refer back to it. Managers in our client organisations tell us they find it very helpful to be able to refer back to the material, long after the training.

We will provide you with an assessment of competence after the Workshop or Leadership Lab has been delivered.


3. Master

We will guide your managers in applying the 7 Disciplines of Great Sales and Service Managers, so they master them, through:

  1. 6 x monthly online Training Sessions post-Workshop – if managers are being trained via our Workshop.
  2. 12 x weekly online Group Coaching Sessions – if managers are being trained via Leadership Lab.
  3. Phone and email support – until 6 months after either the Workshop is run, or the Leadership Lab finishes.
  4. Master-coaching – for second or third-line managers over 2 days. These managers will become Master Coaches, enabling them to coach managers in applying the 7 Disciplines of Great Sales and Service Managers.

Our coaches have more than 37 years’ combined experience in rapidly increasing sales and service, by transforming managers into Great Managers. You can be assured your managers will be able to get advice on any leadership issue or question they may have.

We will run 10 fortnightly Coaching Calls with you to ensure you are on track to getting at least a 21% increase in sales or service in 21 weeks*, while also improving employee engagement.


4. Measure

We will run an online Leadership Assessment on the performance of your managers, twice during Sales and Service Break-Thru and 6-monthly during Sales and Service Sustainability.

Leadership Assessments:

  1. Consist of research-based Statements and Competencies – they have a strong positive correlation with high leadership performance and engagement. This means they provide the most value to you in terms of helping increase leadership performance.
  2. Are answered by each manager’s direct reports. Each manager also completes a self-assessment of how they believe their direct reports perceive their leadership performance.
  3. Come with detailed reporting of the results, which gives you clarity of leadership performance. We will run a BravaTrak® Results Debrief for you, helping identify where the biggest opportunities for improvement are, and provide you with guidance on how to improve them.


5. Plan

We’ll provide you with the tools and processes (and demonstrate how to use them) for each manager’s manager to:

  1. Debrief them on their Leadership Assessment results.
  2. Help them create an Improvement Plan – mapping out 1-3 leadership areas they need to improve in, and the actions to take.
  3. Help them get feedback from their direct reports, about what they think the manager could do to improve their leadership performance, to refine the actions they will take.


6. Follow-Thru

We’ll provide you with the processes for each manager’s manager to help them continuously improve their leadership performance. This is done by each manager’s manager every month;

  1. Holding them accountable for taking action with the Improvement Plan.
  2. Reviewing what actions they’ve taken to improve their leadership performance.
  3. Helping them update their Improvement Plan with new areas to focus on, if appropriate.
  4. Helping them get feedback from their direct reports, about the improvements they perceive the manager has made to their leadership performance, and what changes they would like to see them make.

We will provide your managers with monthly online Training Sessions, to refresh them on the 7 Disciplines of Great Sales and Service Managers, and ensure they keep applying them.

We will meet with you for a BravaTrak® Implementation Review between Leadership Assessments, to ensure you are on-track to continuously improve sales or service leadership performance.


If you’d like to find out more about how BravaTrak® can help your organisation increase sales or service by at least 21% in 21 weeks*, while also improving employee engagement, click here to find out how to get in touch with us.

*Provided you are behind in an achievable target in the sales or service metric you choose, and it is a metric over which your front-line staff have control. Team members are to be working in an environment where they have only 1 or 2 interactions with a customer, or do job after job.

LEARN HOW to Increase Sales or Service by at Least 21% in 21 Weeks*, while also Improving Employee Engagement

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