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5 October, 2016

How to Deal With Poor Performers – to Get Them to Improve to the Level You Want

If you’ve got a poor performer in your business unit, how do you get their manager to deal with them, to get them to improve their performance to the level you want?

Well, this is what we’re going to be looking at over the next couple of posts – today I’ll share with you the first step in getting this change, so let’s get started!

Let’s work with the assumption that you’ve got the right person in the job – this is not someone who is poorly placed, their poor performance relates to a specific aspect of their job.

In dealing with this poor performance, the first step is to ensure their manager is not accidentally reinforcing the inappropriate behaviour – which surprisingly is what managers often do.

For example, they may have a frontline staff member who goes to them with questions, but the staff member doesn’t have any solutions. If the manager answers those questions, they will make it much easier for that staff member to get a solution, rather than having to think for themselves, or find the information they need.

This means the staff member is being reinforced for going to the manager to look for answers, which the manager may view as an inappropriate behaviour. To solve this, the manager will need to change the consequences they are providing for this behaviour.

Provided the manager isn’t reinforcing the poor behaviour, the next step is for them to coach the person using a Corrective Feedback method. We’ll investigate what this entails next time.


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