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11 August, 2015

How To Improve Team Performance At Work – Where To Focus As A Manager

This week’s question is from Gavin. He asks where should he put his focus as a manager to improve the performance of his team.

If you think about your team, especially if it’s a larger team, you’re likely to have a distribution of performance. You’re going to have a group of people who are high performers, and a small group of people who are low performers, with maybe one or two relatively new people who are coming up to speed. Most of your team though are likely to fall in the middle – these are your average performers. This group is where I suggest you put your focus to grow the performance of your team.

There are three reasons why I suggest you focus on this group:

  1. They are the biggest group. In any team, 60-80% of people fit into the average performing category.
  2. Because they are average performers, it suggests they have been well recruited. You have the right people in the right job.
  3. There’s some real potential for improvement given they are not yet high performers. You can shift the performance curve of your entire team – which makes a huge difference. These improvements can be made within weeks.

So that’s where I’m going to suggest you put your focus – on those average performers.

Next week, we’re going to look at how you can time-effectively focus on those individuals to inspire and motivate them for high performance.


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