First-line and middle managers have the greatest influence on sales1,2,3 and service4,5 in your business. Turn your managers into Great Managers, and you’ll maximise sales or service, while also improving employee engagement.

BravaTrak® is the way to turn your managers into Great Managers. Our Sales and Service Break-Thru process increases sales and service by at least 21% in 21 weeks*. These improvements continue after the 21 week mark. However, we often see Senior Managers get much larger improvements, much faster. Our process also increases employee engagement to a “world-class” level (88%+) in 18 months – when you have the right managers in place.

We work in environments where team members have only 1 or 2 interactions with a customer, or do job after job.

BravaTrak® is first in Leadership Analytics. We developed it in 2001 based on our experience since 1989 – so we know exactly what your managers need to do to rapidly increase sales and service. No-one else has our depth of experience in helping clients rapidly increase sales or service through the use of Leadership Analytics.


We guarantee that if your managers complete all components of BravaTrak®, and implement what we recommend, your sales or service will increase by at least 21% in just 21 weeks*. Bear in mind, many of our clients have achieved greater than 21% improvements in as little as a month.

If after 21 weeks’ your managers have completed all components of BravaTrak®, and implemented what we recommend, and you haven’t achieved at least a 21% increase, we will work with you at no further cost until you do.

Our pricing is based on creating a significant positive return-on-investment for your organisation. In fact, your investment in BravaTrak® will be between 5%-10% of what we will add to your sales revenue, or reduce from your employee costs.



BravaTrak® consists of 6 components, spread over 2 programmes: Sales or Service Break-Thru, and Sales or Service Sustainability. These combine to increase sales and service by at least 21% in 21 weeks* and sustain these improvements, while also increasing employee engagement.

Sales or Service Break-Thru takes place over the first 21 weeks and consists of all 6 components.

Sales or Service Sustainability is year-long, and should be repeated to ensure the gains in sales or service are maintained, and continuous improvements are made. This consists of the Measure, Plan and Follow-Thru components.

BravaTrak® consists of:

  1. Identify: We will help you identify the world-class Sales or Service Leadership Processes to be used by your managers, and the Key Sales or Service Behaviours which your managers need to get their teams to use.
  2. Learn: We will help your managers learn the 7 Disciplines of Great Sales and Service Managers.
  3. Master: We will guide your managers in applying the 7 Disciplines, so they master them.
  4. Measure: We will run an online Leadership Assessment on the leadership performance of your managers.
  5. Plan: We will provide the tools and processes for each manager’s manager to help them improve 1-3 selected leadership areas.
  6. Follow-Thru: We will provide the processes for each manager’s manager to help them continuously improve their leadership performance.

You can find more about how BravaTrak® works here.


AAPT: In 2 months, there was more than a 200% increase in sales revenue. In 6 months, there was more than a 400% increase. In 10 months, there was a 519% increase.
Virgin Blue Australia: Sales conversion increased by 25%.
World Vision Australia: Revenue increases across the sales channels ranged from 342% to 1,545%.
Bank of New Zealand: Sales performance doubled within 4 months.
Telecom New Zealand: Month 1 showed a 150% increase in sales on the previous month, 200% the next month, and then 250% in month 3
New Zealand Automobile Association (NZAA): Having the best years on record as a result of BravaTrak®.
ADT: Productivity increased so much that staff numbers were reduced by 31% without reducing throughput.
Pacific Retail Group: Warranty sales increased by a little more than 20%.
Hart Candy: Add-on sales increased by 130%, and gross profit increased by 50%
Noel Leeming Group: 70% increase in same-month sales performance from the previous year.
Harvey Norman: Achieved over 50% growth in extended warranty sales in 2 weeks.

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Queensland Urban Utilities: Greater service delivery from increased productivity is creating savings of more than $200,000 a month.
New Zealand Automobile Association (NZAA): is hitting a service delivery metric they had been chasing for 3 years. Headcount reduced by 8, creating annual savings in salary costs of $400,000.
Contact Energy: Average call length reduced by 1 minute within 3 months, headcount has reduced by 20 temporary staff, creating savings of $300,000 in salary costs alone.
Mitsubishi Motors: Achieved almost immediate increases in service delivery.
Countrywide Bank: Service delivery increased by 837% in 2 months.
Telecom New Zealand: Service delivery measurably improved and team morale lifted within a few weeks.

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New Zealand Automobile Association (NZAA): From 2013-2015, employee engagement rose in the division in which we worked, from one of the lowest in the business to rivaling the highest in the business.
Contact Energy: Employee engagement rose to “world-class” (consistently between 88%-93%) in the division with which we worked.
World Vision: Employee engagement increased by 18% within 4 months, and by 37% over 12 months, achieving the World Best Practice benchmark.
Realcold & Argus: Employee engagement increased continuously after implementation of BravaTrak®.
Sitel: Employee engagement increased in the division we worked with from 78.5% to 86.6% over 5 months, and to 91% over 12 months.

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We can get you to a “world-class” level of employee engagement (88%+) in 18 months when you have the right managers in place, and the right processes in place to enable continuous improvement in leadership performance – which BravaTrak® provides.

However, in some cases, you might have managers in place who will stop you from ever achieving a “world-class” level of employee engagement, because they will never be capable of becoming great people leaders. BravaTrak® helps you identify such managers. Given it can take 6 months to performance manage a manager out of a role, and another 6 months to recruit a replacement and bring them up to speed, the journey to a “world-class” level of employee engagement may take you 2.5 years.

*Provided you are behind in an achievable target in the sales or service metric you choose, and it is a metric over which your front-line staff have control. Team members are to be working in an environment where they have only 1 or 2 interactions with a customer, or do job after job.

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