BravaTrak® Leadership Analytics and 360-degree feedback surveys are designed for different purposes.

BravaTrak® Leadership Analytics measures and tracks managers’ leadership performance across the business, helping to continuously improve it. The data is presented in a way that allows you to easily identify what will improve individual and organizational leadership performance the most.

In comparison, 360-degree (or multi-rater) feedback surveys can be used to evaluate the overall performance of any employee in an organization. This means they give an overview of how a person is performing for a wide range of competencies. They are typically one-off assessments, run for an individual’s personal development. They usually require an external consultant, or internal HR adviser, to interpret and debrief the results.

To get the detail of feedback you need, to make decisions on how managers can best improve their leadership performance, BravaTrak® Leadership Analytics is the most suitable option. To get an overview of how an employee is performing overall, for their personal development, a 360-degree feedback survey is the most suitable.

Leadership analytics and 360 degree feedback compared


  • Designed to continuously improve the leadership performance of people managers across your business.
  • Online completion and reporting.
  • Collects detailed data on managers’ leadership performance.
  • Managers are assessed on leadership competencies identified by research as being critical for high leadership performance.
  • Tracks leadership performance of individual managers, and management levels, over time. Run 6-monthly so managers get frequent feedback, and their immediate manager, senior line and HR managers can assess their performance improvement.
  • Feedback is only given by people who have the best visibility of a manager’s leadership activity – their direct reports – not by colleagues or supervisors. Since the perception held by direct reports has the biggest influence on their engagement, it is their viewpoint that matters most.
  • The implementation of BravaTrak® Leadership Analytics is co-owned by both Human Resources and the business unit. This ensures there is buy-in from the business unit to take action with the data so that leadership improvement happens.
  • Debriefing of the results and action planning is driven by the manager’s immediate manager, who is ultimately responsible for their performance. This means the immediate manager can provide their own assessment as part of the debrief and action planning process, and make recommendations on what the manager can do to improve. This is time-saving for the immediate manager – they don’t have to spend time completing the assessment in addition to debriefing the managers who report to them.
  • The way the data is presented makes it easy to identify areas for improvement at an individual and management group level – showing you what will improve leadership performance the most.
  • Makes it easy to compare results across a range of managers in similar leadership roles.
  • Provides a snapshot of employee engagement so you can identify the correlation between engagement and leadership performance. This allows you to identify and target the most influential leadership competencies to improve employee engagement in your organization.
  • Provides processes to help ensure action is taken based on the data, and continuous improvement is made.
  • The easy-to-interpret reporting allows you to provide data on organizational leadership performance to the Senior Leadership Team and Board.



  • Designed to evaluate the overall performance of any employee in an organization, not specifically people managers.
  • Online completion and reporting.
  • Are used for personal development.
  • Are able to assess a wide range of competencies based on the organization’s choosing e.g. communication and listening, sales, admin, decision making, self-development, quality of work, accuracy of work, adaptability, initiative, and teamwork, among others.
  • Typically run as one-off assessments to get a snapshot of an individual’s overall performance, and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Enables an employee’s immediate work contacts to provide feedback, including colleagues and supervisors. In some cases it also includes feedback from customers, suppliers and other interested parties.
  • The employee typically chooses who will evaluate them.
  • Implementation of the survey is typically driven by Human Resources, without the person’s immediate manager necessarily being included in the debriefing. This is because of the focus on personal development, rather than on improving business performance.
  • Because of the focus on personal development, the debriefing and action planning is typically driven by external consultants or internal HR advisers.



If you want to increase the leadership of managers across your business, you need BravaTrak® Leadership Analytics. It enables you to measure and track their leadership performance, and makes it easy to identify the biggest opportunities for improvement at an individual and management group level. BravaTrak® Leadership Analytics provides the Improvement Plan and Follow-Thru processes, making it simple for managers to take action to improve.

As a result of using BravaTrak® Leadership Analytics, our clients have increased their employee engagement to world-class levels – raising employee productivity and lowering employee costs.


If you want to encourage the personal development of an individual – regardless of whether they are a people manager or not – using a 360-degree feedback survey is more suitable than BravaTrak® Leadership Analytics. These surveys assess a wide range of competencies to give a snapshot of overall performance. An external consultant or internal HR adviser can help analyse the results, and give suggestions about what actions might be useful for the person to focus on.

There are 2 situations where a 360-degree survey is suitable for an individual manager’s development:

  1. Where they are a low performer, and you want to gather data on their overall performance and set up an action plan for them to improve. The 360-degree survey finds what the problem is, so it can be fixed.
  2. If they are a manager with high potential, and you want to develop them for a more senior role. The 360-degree survey identifies opportunities for improvement.

360-degree surveys can be a valuable tool to identify the needs of an individual manager for their personal development.

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