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Increase Sales and Service By Overcoming Your Negativity Bias

8 February, 2017

If your intention is to improve sales performance or service delivery, you need to overcome your negativity bias. Everyone has one – it’s as a result of evolution making us pay more attention to problems or dangers rather than good things, in order to keep us alive. The negativity bias has two effects. Firstly, it […]


The Power of Feedback and How to Use it To Improve Sales and Service

7 February, 2017

It’s said that feedback is the breakfast of champions. It fact, feedback is critical for us to improve in any area of life, and it is necessary if we want to grow our people into champions in sales performance or service delivery. We can best think of feedback as information about a person’s performance, which […]


How to hold Development Conversations in the Right Way

1 December, 2016

Last time we went through how Development Conversations help you support, guide and develop your direct reports, and how they can get your direct reports to put 22% more effort into their job, and feel 43% more committed to your organisation. So how do you hold development conversations in the right way? This is what […]


What are Development Conversations, and Why are They Important

25 November, 2016

A Development Conversation is a type of Coaching Conversation. They can be used informally to support and guide your direct reports, or they can be used in a more formal setting to develop others. Because they’re a type of Coaching Conversation, they use coaching principles. One coaching principle is that people, as a general rule, […]


Why It’s Important to Follow-Up Your Coaching Conversations

15 November, 2016

Last time we looked at the most powerful conversations you can ask in Coaching Conversations. This week we’re going to look at why it’s critical you follow up your Coaching Conversations every time, and how you can go about doing this. What I recommend is if you can’t put aside the time to follow up […]


The Most Powerful Questions You Can Ask in Coaching Conversations

11 October, 2016

In the end, all question types are variations of 2 types of questions – open and closed questions. The difference between the two is that open questions elicit information while closed questions confirm information. Closed questions confirm information by eliciting a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ response, or a very short and specific response. What’s interesting […]


Quickly Improve the Behaviour of Poor Performers by Focusing on Their Future Behaviour

7 October, 2016

To quickly improve the behaviour of poor performers, you want their managers to coach them using a Corrective Feedback coaching method. There are 2 parts to this method – the first is for their manager to ask them the impact or importance of their inappropriate behaviour. We covered this last time, so this time we’ll cover […]


How to Use Corrective Feedback to Quickly Improve the Behaviour of Poor Performers

6 October, 2016

If you’ve got a poor performer in your business unit, and you want to improve their performance quickly, what’s the way to do it? Well, provided their manager isn’t reinforcing the poor behaviour – which is more common than you would think – the next step is for the manager to coach the person using […]


How to Deal With Poor Performers – to Get Them to Improve to the Level You Want

5 October, 2016

If you’ve got a poor performer in your business unit, how do you get their manager to deal with them, to get them to improve their performance to the level you want? Well, this is what we’re going to be looking at over the next couple of posts – today I’ll share with you the […]


To Rapidly Increase Service Delivery, focus on the Key Service Behaviours

7 September, 2016

If you want to rapidly increase service delivery, where do you start? Well, the starting point is to be very clear on the Key Service Behaviours that make the biggest difference to service. There are 2 simple ways you can identify these: If you have a service training programme, look for what is trained for in this. […]


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