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31 August, 2015

Management by Walking Around (MBWA): Who You Need to Pay Attention to

This week we’re going to discuss where you should be paying attention when you’re doing ‘Laps’ or Management by Walking Around (MBWA).

Should you be focusing on your low, core or high performers?

The short answer is – You should be paying attention to EVERYONE.

Let’s examine why that is.

The purpose of doing Laps is to notice what your people are doing, so you can make some decisions about how you’re going to manage their performance.

Clearly, you need to be paying attention to:

1) Your core performers because they’re your biggest group (60-80% of your people fall into this category), so you can:

• Positively reinforce their behaviour and activities when they’re on-track.
• Get them back on-task when they’re off-track.

2) Your low performers, so you can identify where they might need additional support and guidance.

3) Your high performers, so you can:

• Retain them. This is important because they’re the ones getting the results for you. You need to pay attention to them for their good work.
• Model their effective behaviours. This will help you see what you need to get your core performers to do – so they can improve their performance.

So while the big opportunity to improve team performance lies with your core performers (because they’re your biggest group), you need to pay attention to ALL of your team when you’re doing Laps.

Next week we’re going to start a three-part mini series on the easiest way for you to increase employee productivity in your business.

Until then, have a superb week!


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