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5 September, 2016

To Rapidly Increase Sales, Focus on the Key Sales Behaviours

If you want to rapidly increase sales, where do you start?

Well, the starting point is to be very clear on the Key Sales Behaviours that make the biggest difference to sales. There are 2 simple ways you can identify these:

  1. If you have a sales training programme, look at what is trained for in this.
  2. The more powerful way is to observe your High Performers and your Core Performers (Core Performers are your average team members). Identify the behavioural differences between the 2 groups. For example, working with an insurance company who mainly sells house and contents insurance (along with motor-vehicle insurance) I discovered that there were 3 key behaviours that distinguished High Performers from Core Performers – the High Performers consistently demonstrated these behaviours with every customer, the Core Performers did not:
    1. It didn’t matter whether the interaction with the customer was at a retail site or via telephone, High Performers would always ask the customer at the end of the conversation if they had 3 minutes to review their policies to make sure there would be no surprises at claim-time.
    2. When they were closing the sale, they would use words sure such as “why don’t we put that in place for you right now to make sure you’re fully covered”, whereas a Core Performer would say “why don’t you go away and think about it, and give us a call back when you’re ready to buy”.
    3. If the prospective customer said they wanted to think it over, or wanted to have a chat about it with their partner, they would then agree a time they would call that customer back to answer any questions the customer might have. Whereas a Core Performer would leave it to the customer to call them.

So the key take-away here is to dramatically improve sales performance, you first need to identify the Key Sales Behaviours.

Next time we’ll go over how to identify Key Service Behaviours, and give you some examples, so you can start to identify them in your business.


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