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24 August, 2016

Why to Focus on Improving the Leadership Performance of Your Managers, to Rapidly Increase Sales and Service


If you want to rapidly increase sales and service, why focus on improving the leadership performance of your managers? What’s the first step to get started on doing this?

Well, in this week’s leadership tip, we’ll going to cover just this. So let’s get into it!

According to the Ernst & Young Productivity Pulse, employees from all levels, across all industries, say they could be more productive, on average, by 21% every day – if it were not for 2 things:

1. Poor management
2. Lack of motivation

Clearly, these 2 factors are directly related to the leadership performance of managers. In fact, our experience over the last 19 years is that for the average employee in sales and service, the productivity potential improvement is much greater than 21%.

For example, working with an international insurance company this past year, we’ve been able to help them increase sales on 1 targeted campaign by 278%, and on another by 281%, both within 5 months. So there’s huge potential improvements in sales for most businesses – well above 21%.

So how did we start on improving sales by this much? Working with them, we identified the Critical Sales Behaviours which make the biggest improvements to their sales. These are the behaviours their High Performers use consistently that their Core Performers (or more average team members) weren’t using.

So you first need to identify the behaviours that have high leverage when it comes to increasing sales and service.

Next time we’ll go over how to identify Critical Sales Behaviours, and give you some examples, so you can start to identify them in your business.


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