We have already increased sales, productivity and customer experience in contact centres and retail networks just like yours

Our system has been successful in every contact centre and retail branch which has applied it. It’s improved sales from between 21% to 519%, and productivity and customer experience from between 10.5% to 90%.

Many respected brands trust us to increase their sales, productivity and customer experience

Many respected brands trust us to increase their sales, productivity and customer experience


Testimonials and case studies from clients

Our focus is on helping clients fully realise the transformation in sales, productivity or customer experience they’re looking for. Anything less, and we’ve failed in our duty.



“In 2 months, there was more than a 200% increase in sales revenue.”

AAPT - a High-Performance Coaching client

“After we implemented BravaTrak, in 2 months, there was more than a 200% increase in sales revenue. In 6 months, there was more than a 400% increase. In 10 months, there was a 519% increase.

“There was a 34% reduction in sick leave, down from 572 to 376 lost days per month. This equated to 10 staff per year.

“Employee happiness increased, and a positive change in morale and culture occurred.

“The processes and the structured nature of the system are what appealed to me. It’s easily understood by managers, and is non-threatening to staff. Results kick in immediately, the whole team just fizzes and as long as your managers keep applying the system, you just keep on winning.”

Bryan Yianakis.jpg

Bryan Yianakis, former Director of Sales & Service

ADT Security

“We’ve reduced the number of staff by 31%, without reducing throughput.”

ADT - a High-Performance Coaching client

We increased productivity by so much that we’ve reduced the number of staff, from 48 to 33 (a 31% reduction), without reducing throughput. That’s as good as money in the bank.

“You’ve got to bring the lower-performing people up to the level of the high-performers, and BravaTrak taught us how to get the best out of the people who weren’t performing.

“As a result, there was a boost in staff morale resulting in more productivity. The collections rate improved by 2% within the first three months, and this reduction has been maintained.”

-Jim Wrigley, former Australasian Collections Manager

Bank of New Zealand (BNZ)

“Sales performance doubled within 4 months.”

BNZ - High-Performance Coaching client

“When we implemented BravaTrak, sales performance doubled within 4 months. The Bank’s key indicator, sales leads per full-time equivalent staff member, increased by 15% on the pre-intervention average within the first month. In the second month the increase was 45%. Within 3 months, it was 64% and in the fourth month it was 123%.

“Specialist sales training had been provided for the Bank’s 350 call centre operators, and we had a sales management system in place. Processes were in place for staff to handle customers’ initial needs and to develop “adding value” conversations. The only problem was that these conversations were not being managed or coached, which was solved when we put BravaTrak in place – it really works well with the sales training we have, and helps ensure our staff consistently use the right sales behaviours.

This is about an ongoing process of improvement, not something like a sales course where you forget a lot of what you learn. When our managers apply the Disciplines, it motivates our sales people to achieve the results we want, and it has built up a culture of success.

If your sales are down, BravaTrak can bring you a massive improvement. If you’re already up there in your sales results and you think you’re doing pretty well, I can almost guarantee they will enable you to raise the bar even further.”

-Former Head of Customer Contact Centres

“Now the critical sales behaviours are embedded in how we do business. Previously, managers found their staff were not applying them consistently.

“My advice to other organisations which are considering using BravaTrak? Just do it. It’s great. It works really well.

Barbara Horne.jpg

Barbara Horne, former Customer Contact Centre Manager

Complete Style Joinery

“We’re saving around 133% of the course cost, every month”

Complete Style Joinery - High-Performance Coaching client

“After learning and mastering the Coaching Techniques, we’ve decreased our cabinet installation time by 20-30% in around 12 weeks. This has led to cost savings of around 133% of the course cost, every month.

“Before mastering them, I would struggle to talk to staff about problems with their performance, and morale was down. This meant a lot of projects weren’t finished properly in the factory, so staff would have to go back to job sites to finish-off work. This resulted in a lot of lost time and me being very stressed. I forgot about family life with my wife and 2 young children, as my mind was constantly on work. I was working 7-6 Monday to Friday, as well as 2-3 hours at night 3 times a week. I would also work Saturday mornings. After being in business for 8 years, I didn’t know whether I could keep going. I had pretty much had enough.

“I had tried to solve the problem in the past by bringing in an Operations Manager for 12 months, which had no effect on correcting staff performance problems.
After mastering the Coaching Techniques, I feel very comfortable confronting poor performance, and I’m more confident in getting up and talking in front of staff. I’m now able to address issues before they become problems. Everybody is held accountable for their actions – they understand their roles and what is expected of them. Morale is up, and we’re working as a team. This has meant the quality of work in the factory has increased, decreasing installation time by 20-30%. Clients are happy – we’re always scoring 8-9 out of 10 when they’re asked to rate our service.

“Staff have said I’m a happier person, and I’m much more positive. I’m a lot more productive now, as I’ve been able to focus on other work rather than being distracted by problems in staff performance. I’m doing a lot less hours than I’ve done in a long time. I’m no longer working at night or on Saturdays. This has meant I’ve got time to spend with family, and be back out doing sport and social activities. I’ve got a good feeling about the future, and I’ve got some new ideas about how to go forward.”

Julian Allan.jpg

Julian Allan, Business Owner

Contact Energy

“Increased service delivery is saving us
$300,000 a year in employee costs alone.”

“BravaTrak has helped us reach world-class employee engagement.”

Contact Energy - High-Performance Coaching client

“When I first saw BravaTrak, I was not a believer, however after 2-3 weeks, there was a noticeable change in results. I was surprised to say the least.

Using BravaTrak has significantly improved our service delivery. We’ve taken an increased email-burden in our stride, and we have not incurred the cost of taking on new permanent staff – even though our email volume has lifted by 250,000 per annum, while phone volumes have not dropped. The only reason for these measurable benefits is that we’ve been able to drive the behaviours we need through BravaTrak.

“Because of increased service delivery, we’ve reduced our headcount. The year we first started using BravaTrak, we’d budgeted to take on an additional 25 people that winter. We didn’t need to. That’s because service delivery had increased so much, and we’ve never had temps since. Today we save at least the cost of 20 temps every year. That’s a $300,000 saving every year.

“An independent survey (the Hays survey) shows that our staff engagement is now world-class (consistently between 88%-93%). This is happening because BravaTrak shows us the levers that lead to engagement, so we can pull them to get the results we need.”

Bryan Middleton.jpg

Bryan Middleton, Head of Customer Engagement - Keep

“These are the results BravaTrak is giving us that I care about most:

  1. Call Handle Time down 16%

Our Average Handle Time (AHT) dropped initially by 45 seconds. It was 400 seconds, and it went to 355. Through continuing to use BravaTrak Leadership Analytics, we’re now sitting at 335 seconds: a 65 second or 16% drop in call handle time.

  1. Quality of call up (calibrated by an external Quality Auditor)

When measuring Handle Time, you have to be sure that quality of conversation is being maintained. For that reason, we focused on outliers. In other words, some conversations were too long, but others were too short. We’ve improved the quality of each set of outliers while achieving our quantitative results too. We know that call quality has improved because our call quality gets measured independently by an external Quality Auditor. Their calibration showed our staff and the customers were getting to a common ground – as opposed to just ticking through a checklist.

  1. Customer availability increased from 50% to 95%

We also drove customer-facing time. Prior to BravaTrak Leadership Analytics, we were 50% available to customers (meaning the other 50% of customers at any one time were waiting to speak to a member of our team). We are now down to the point our team is 95% available to customers: a 90% increase in customer availability.”

Dwina Dickinson.jpg

Dwina Dickinson, former Head of Retail Operations

We took 1 minute off the average call length, within 3 months.

“I am far more engaged with my people. I actually feel like I’m making a difference and I enjoyed the training process. While there were sceptics in the beginning it’s now part of the culture. The culture was good before, but now it has a buzz, it’s even better.”

-Judith Stevich, Customer Care Manager

Countrywide Bank

“It has created a front-runner in sales.”

“One branch, not particularly large or in a dynamic location, is consistently now one of the front-runners in sales. The Branch Manager says it’s attributable to what they learnt in the programme.

“Service delivery increased by 837% in 2 months.

“In fact one year down the track, people are still talking about the training and are using the concepts and tools learnt.”

Donald Young.jpg

Donald Young, former Senior HR Consultant


“It motivates the behaviour that drives financial results.”

Farmers - High-Performance Coaching client

“We were looking for a programme that would have long-lasting effects throughout the organisation. We wanted something that would positively modify behaviour.

“There was another popular training programme I looked at but decided it would have had a dramatic but short-term impact.

“This targets and motivates the behaviour that drives financial results.”

-Allan Nicholson, former General Manager Human Resources

“Of the dozens of management courses I have attended (or suffered!) over the years, this is, without doubt, one of the very few with real lasting impact. On analysis I think it is because the message and methodology is simple.”

-Richard Yarrow, former Store Manager

Hart Candy Communications

“Add-on sales increased by 130%.”

“After putting the programme in place, the results were very pleasing. Our add-on sales increased by 130%, our gross profit increased by 50%, and I now have the time to manage as I really want.”

-Jocelyn Watkins, former Sales Manager

Harvey Norman

“In 2 weeks, we achieved over 50% growth.”

Harvey Norman - High Performance Coaching client

“What a difference it has made! Instead of me exploding when things go badly, now it’s sales figures exploding! Extended Warranty sales carry good margin for us, and in 2 weeks, we achieved over 50% growth.”

-Trevor Thomas, Proprietor

Mitsubishi Motors

“The results are pretty immediate.”

Mitsubishi - High Performance Coaching client

“We find it’s pitched at the right level for our Service Managers.

“I find the techniques both simple and effective. They give you the tools to help change staff attitude from negative to positive. The results are pretty immediate, and importantly you learn how you can find that “right” button to press to get the improvements in service delivery you want.”

-Lloyd Robinson, Manager Technical Services

Multinational insurance company (obscured for confidentiality)

“Sales revenue increased by 278% in one campaign, and by 281% in another.”

“Within 21 weeks of applying the BravaTrak system in two of our call centre campaigns, sales revenue increased by 278% in one of them, and by 281% in the other. When we applied it to another of our campaigns, sales conversion increased by 43% within a month.”

Josh Ballantyne.jpg

Josh Ballantyne, former Sales Manager

Ministry of Social Development (MSD)

“Call handling time reduced from around 7 minutes to less than 5 minutes 30 seconds.”

MSD - High Performance Coaching client

Within 5 months, ‘call handling time’ reduced from around 7 minutes to less than 5 minutes 30 seconds. This reduction led to a dramatic decrease in ‘average wait time’, improving our clients’ experience and enabling our clients to access more support through the phone channel. We also made considerable savings in telecommunications costs. During this time staff engagement also improved beyond the public sector bench mark.”

George Van Ooyen.jpg

George Van Ooyen, Group General Manager Client Service Support

New Zealand Automobile Association (NZAA)

“In the first week after implementation, sales increased 17%.”

“We’re saving $400,000 in employee costs alone because of increased service delivery.”

“The way we’ve increased employee engagement.”

AA - High Performance Coaching client

We’re having our best years on record because of BravaTrak.

“In the first year after implementation, we had our best year on record, which we beat again in the second year, with every region achieving more than 100% of their targets. We couldn’t have achieved these changes and this success without BravaTrak.

“4 years after implementation, the principles were still embedded in our culture, enabling us to complete one of the best years ever in the history of the NZAA in terms of sales and service results. Overall, the Centre Network achieved 106% of target, which can be directly attributed to BravaTrak.

Even 6 years after implementation, we continued to achieve consistent financial results with every region exceeding sales targets.

“BravaTrak creates results which are immediate and tangible. Implementing it has had an amazing impact on sales, staff morale and retention and on the whole culture of the organisation. I really think the missing link has been found with this system.

“You come across a lot of programmes which are here today and gone tomorrow. But BravaTrak ensures there is on-going benefit from the effort involved.”


Trevor Pilkington, General Manager - Centre Network

In the first week after implementation, sales increased 17%. Two months after, sales were up by 27%, and rising. Some sites are well over 100% of target and even the lowest performer is only a few points off target. In the first year, we exceeded our sales target.

“The principles taught are simple, and created immediate improvements in our sales. Because of this, they’re now part of management coaching policies and procedures.”

-Steve McLellan, former Northern Region Manager

BravaTrak has helped us to achieve our service delivery targets.

“Historically, we’ve been a poor performing division, but BravaTrak has helped to turn that around.

“We’ve been chasing a customer service metric for 3 years. BravaTrak helped us achieve it for the first time in October 2015, and again in November 2015 – which indicates that there’s been a sustainable productivity improvement.

“This service delivery improvement has meant our staff are more productive, enabling us to reduce our headcount. We’ve reduced our headcount by 8 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff. As a result, there’s been an annual employee cost saving of $400,000.

“We run a business wide employee engagement survey every 2 years. When we ran the survey in late 2013, engagement for our division was among the lowest in the business. Since we started using BravaTrak, engagement has increased significantly. When the business wide engagement survey was run again in September 2015, engagement for our division rivaled that of the senior leadership team – traditionally the most highly engaged group in the business.”

Bashir Khan.jpg

Bashir Khan, National Manager of Business Membership & Contact Centres

“The service metric of After Call Work (ACW) dropped by 9 seconds in my team after I started using the Coaching Techniques.

“Before I started putting them in practice, I wasn’t meeting my Average Handling Time KPI, as my team members weren’t meeting theirs. The wider impact was that NZAA members had to wait longer to get their calls answered so there was a negative impact on the service level.

“After I started implementing the Coaching Techniques, within 3 months there was a reduction in After Call Work by 9 seconds. Call volumes in October and November were higher than ever before. I credit the Coaching Techniques to enabling me to help my team rise up and handle these call volumes without major impacts on our service levels; therefore reducing the need for temporary staff hiring.

“Team morale is higher than before, and the way team members see me has improved, leading to higher discretionary effort. Team members are now sending me email and making comments about how happy they are and how proud they are of achieving their results.

“There’s now improved team cohesiveness, and a we all have a stronger bond on a personal level. There is less tension, pressure, and stress in the team, making it a healthy environment for everyone to perform well. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without applying the Coaching Techniques daily.”

Vanessa Varela.jpg

Vanessa Varela, former Contact Centre Trainer

“I started using BravaTrak when I was a Team Manager. I was always told by my immediate manager that I was doing a good job with my team, so I didn’t think it could could teach me much. Man I was in for a surprise!

“I’ve always been a bit apprehensive in doing courses which are online, as I love the face-to-face interaction. But I knew how good the coach Blair Stevenson was, since I had attended a one-day course he’d facilitated few years back. The things I learnt from that course are still stamped in my memory.

“I am currently the Contact Centres Manager and I have a team of 12 Team Leaders who report to me. I have a very high performing team who love their job and love coming to work. This has all been possible due to what I learnt and put into practice from BravaTrak.”

Suhail Shaikh.jpg

Suhail Shaikh, former Contact Centres Manager

“BravaTrak works so well because it makes managers focus on the behaviours which lead to sales rather than just on the results – if sales results are down, we can go through and work out why.

“It fits well with the sales management we had in place, so buy-in wasn’t an issue with staff or managers. It provided the links between the different components, and gave managers a map to ensure that their people were doing what was expected of them.”

Romana Meden.png

Romana Meden, General Manager - Human Resources

“The significant turnaround in the leadership performance of our Team Managers in six months was unexpected and amazing.”

John Healy.png

John Healy, National Manager Roadservice

Noel Leeming Group

“In a number of stores, there was a 70% increase in same-month performance from last year.”

Noel Leeming - High Performance Coaching client

“We were able to see immediate differences in results from individual stores where the managers had applied what they’d learnt. In a number of stores, there was a 70% increase in same-month performance from last year.

“I’ve had a manager go from 86% of target to over 100% of target for 5 months straight.”

Philip Anderson.png

Philip Anderson, Regional Manager

“At a key location, warranty sales went through the roof. They had only achieved the company benchmark of 40% once in a blue moon previously, and were now achieving 50 and 60% on a weekly basis. Previously, the staff reckoned they could never sell many extended warranties to their customers, and it had been their worst statistic.

“This isn’t the only example of how the programme turned sales performance around. One of our stores was going to be closed because it was running at a loss. However, when the managers of the store applied what they learned, everything changed. In just over 1 month, extended warranty sales increased by 17%, and items per sale increased by 18%. As a result, the store became profitable, and we decided to retain it.

Across the business, we saw an improvement in warranty sales of a little more than 20%.”

Craig Robertson.png

Craig Robertson, former General Manager Operations


“One team member has improved the dollar value per client by a whopping 143% in just 1 month.”

“I concentrated on using positive reinforcement – one of the Coaching Techniques – with one team member whose performance was down and was in an ever-decreasing spiral of self-confidence. By mentoring the person through solution finding and the use of positive reinforcement, now means I have a team member whose performance is fabulous. In fact, they improved the dollar value per client by a whopping 143% in just 1 month.

“By concentrating on using positive reinforcement with another team member, I watched as their confidence in closing sales grew almost daily. The improvement was quite significant for the business and equally as important for the person involved.”

-Dave Adamson, former Manager

Public Trust

“We’ve substantially increased the number of appointments our sales reps are making.”

Public Trust - High Performance Coaching client

We’ve substantially increased the number of appointments our sales reps are making, and these increases have been kept – they haven’t just been short-term jumps in performance. There is also a very positive atmosphere in the workplace now.”

-Andrew McGill, former National Contact Centre Manager

“When I implemented the processes I learned in the course, my team increased in performance across a number of measurements.”

-Adam Ward, former National Sales Manager

Queensland Urban Utilities

“Greater service delivery through increased productivity is saving us more than $200,000 a month.”

QUU - High Performance Coaching client

“Our service delivery has greatly improved. When we implemented BravaTrak, there was a 62% reduction in overtime in the first month, and it’s now down more than 65%. As a result, there’s been a reduction in overtime costs which exceed $200,000 per month. Increased productivity has reduced wait time and re-work leading to additional cost savings.

“Because of the increased productivity, we do not need to engage third parties to do the work, and our subcontractor costs are dropping.

“The flow of customer complaints has dropped to zero and I’m now getting regular letters and e-mails of commendation.

“This wasn’t just a short term change. Improvements in service delivery, leadership effectiveness, employee engagement, productivity, and organisational culture, still continue 18 months after the original intervention.

In its first year the project delivered an ROI exceeding 1,100% and a payback in under 1 month.

“This is in stark contrast to what was happening before we implemented BravaTrak. Service delivery was down because of the poor leadership of managers, and we were exceeding our costs budget by millions of dollars. We had a higher than benchmark injury rate and absenteeism; low productivity, a lower than benchmark employee engagement score (the lowest score in the blue collar workforce located in the field) with around 25% of the workforce actively disengaged, so the field force had low to average motivation. Individual and team performance varied widely – indicating that field staff were inconsistent in their use of standard operating procedures, and that some lacked the front-line field service skills they needed. This was a big roadblock to building a customer service culture, which we were going to need if we were to fulfill our goals.

“In short, BravaTrak completely turned around the service delivery of my division.”


Richard Petterson, Executive Leader Operations and Service Delivery

Service delivery has increased with a greater focus on the customer.

“After implementing BravaTrak, service delivery is up, with a new culture characterised by a drive for results, transparency and accountability for performance, and customer-centricity is clearly developing. On top of that, only 3 months after starting, the average cost per job dropped 10%.”

Joe Taylor.png

Joe Taylor, Manager Field Services

Realcold & Argus

“Employee engagement has continuously increased.”

Realcold - High Performance Coaching client

“Employee engagement has continuously increased since BravaTrak was first implemented, and we now have a much better company culture with a stronger direction.”

Sarah Harding.png

Sarah Harding, former HR Manager


“In 5 months, agent satisfaction rose from 78.5% to 86.6%.”

Sitel - High Performance Coaching client

“Preceding BravaTrak, the overall satisfaction rating of our agents was 78.5%, as measured by an ASAT (Agent Satisfaction) survey. 5 months after implementation, overall satisfaction result had already moved to 86.6%. After 12 months, agent satisfaction had increased to 91%.

“Morale is high. The overall atmosphere feels more relaxed and not so restricted.”

-Benito Sy, former Director of Account Operations

State Insurance

“BravaTrak has played a critical role in helping State achieve new growth in customer and policy numbers.”

State - High Performance Coaching client

BravaTrak has played a critical role in helping State achieve new growth in customer and policy numbers. The team at BravaTrak are professionals who are highly motivated to ensure your success.”

Mel Turdeich.png

Mel Turdeich, former Contact Centre Sales Manager

Telecom New Zealand

“For one of our campaigns, sales increased by 1567% in 10 weeks.”

Telecom - High Performance Coaching client

“For one of our campaigns, sales increased by 1567% in 10 weeks.

I’ve been delighted that the increases in sales are sustainable for us – it hasn’t been just a quick burst that subsided after the first impact. Our level of sales performance – and exceeding of sales targets – has been maintained.

“The training delivered a measurable and systematic approach for success in Customer Care. It is the key tool that has helped us change the Customer Care culture.

“The concepts are simple, there is a system to follow, and it drives a very positive change in culture.

“We’re now rolling out BravaTrak to the rest of the channels. All in all, this is one of the most successful roll-outs we’ve had.”

Trish Keith.png

Trish Keith, former National Manager Sales & Service

“My initial sales targets were scary, but the fear subsided half way through the first month of implementation, when we’d already achieved our target for the whole month. During the previous 6 months our sales had steadily fallen, but when managers applied the Coaching Techniques, there was a sudden increase in sales.

Month 1 showed a 150% increase on the previous month, 200% the next month, and then 250% in month 3. In the first 3 months, the channel had sold more mobiles than in the previous 6 months. In the first 6 months after implementation, sales numbers had almost trebled.

“The system looks different from anything I’ve seen in the past, but it’s clearly delivered the results we want. Team Managers loved the training. It was hands-on, process-driven and easy to use. The results were absolutely immediate and everyone could see that it worked. Actually, they couldn’t believe how well it worked.

“Other workshops I have attended in the past have focused more on the “head stuff” whereas this was more hands on and easy to understand. The break between the sessions gives you time to put the ideas into practice.

I believe if the principles are followed, sales increases are assured.”

Marty Kett.png

Marty Kett, former Customer Care Manager

“One month after starting BravaTrak, accessory sales were up by 100%. The following month they were up by 115%. A side benefit of using the Disciplines is the sales confidence it has given staff.”

-Craig Taylor, former Branch Manager

“Our add-on sales jumped from 30% to 75% and the atmosphere of the store is much improved. In fact we run 2 stores and the other day the courier mentioned he found the atmosphere and mood of the 2 stores poles apart.

“After starting with BravaTrak, I don’t snap at people anymore. I don’t want to and I don’t need to. I find this very rewarding personally as do the staff.”

-Jim Bryce, former Branch Manager

“The feedback and results from the training have been fabulous and immediate. One of our internal teams often struggled to meet agreed service levels that impacted on other teams. Within a few weeks there was both a measurable improvement in their performance and a lift in morale! This was a GREAT achievement. We highly recommend the training.”

-Christine Allan, former Channel Operations Manager - Training

Trading Post

“There has been improved overall performance.”

Trading Post - High Performance Coaching client

“BravaTrak allowed us to comprehensively understand how our managers were leading their people. As a result, it helped us implement a consistent approach to motivating our sales people; leading to improved overall performance.”

Gerard Paetzold.png

Gerard Paetzold, former National Consumer Sales Manager


“We’ve exceeded our sales forecast.”

BravaTrak has been a big factor in increasing employee engagement levels”

Turners - High Performance Coaching client

Using BravaTrak, we’ve exceeded our sales forecast, and we’ve become better at dealing with adversity and change. We’re confident that these results are attributable to the increased quality of our leadership.

BravaTrak has been a big factor in increasing employee engagement levels, as indicated by an independent employee engagement survey we run.

“BravaTrak has taken our managers from average supervisors to high performing leaders, with them having a greater ability to positively influence their teams. We know their leadership improvement is because of BravaTrak as we haven’t undertaken any other leadership initiatives.”

Sonya Rose.png

Sonya Rose, former HR Manager

“We’ve found BravaTrak to be a tool to replicate the DNA of top leaders. We find out what our best leaders are doing, and then coach the others to help them improve. Since using BravaTrak, in addition to better business results, we now have a stronger, more engaged team that is following a plan. We have happier people, with greater resilience and commitment.”

Todd Hunter.png

Todd Hunter, Chief Executive Officer

Virgin Blue Australia

“Sales conversion has increased by 25%.”

Virgin - High Performance Coaching client

Sales conversion has increased by 25% (the proportion of inbound enquiries resulting in sales).

“BravaTrak gave the team managers and contact centre managers at our Brisbane centre practical leadership skills. This made a huge difference in how they managed the performance of their staff.

“When people do a generic ‘leadership’ course they come away with a lot of concepts about leadership. But what they don’t have are practical skills they can apply – which is what we got from BravaTrak.”

Susy Goldner.png

Susy Goldner, former Global Guest Contact Centre Manager

World Vision Australia

“Within 4 months, fundraising revenue from all channels in the programme had doubled, and employee engagement had increased by 18%”

World Vision - High Performance Coaching client

“Within 4 months, fundraising revenue from all channels in the programme had doubled. The project exceeded our expectations and delivered a Return on Investment in excess of 400%, and a payback within 3 months.

“Over the following 12 months, revenue increases across the 5 channels in the programme ranged between 342% and 1,545%.”

Using BravaTrak has increased our employee engagement to a world-class level. Within 4 months of starting to use BravaTrak, employee engagement had increased by 18%. Over the following 12 months, employee engagement improved by 37% and achieved the World Best Practice benchmark.”

Devinia Liddelow.png

Devinia Liddelow, former People Capability & Change Manager

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