Coaching Course

To provide quality coaching to their team members, your managers need to become skilled in the High-Performance Coaching techniques.

Further, they should be devoting time every day to coaching their team members. To do so, they need an understanding of all the best-practice activities of Coaching Rhythm.

The approach we find works best is to have them attend a High-Performance Coaching Workshop. We run them for your first and second-line managers. Each workshop consists of an initial two days, followed a month later by a further two days of training.

However, it’s not enough to only train your frontline managers. They also need ongoing coaching to ensure their skill level remains high. To this end, we recommend the two-day Super Coach Workshop. We can provide these for your second-line managers and training managers. This workshop equips them with the skills to coach your first-line managers in High-Performance Coaching.


What you should do now

1. If you’d like help to increase Customer Experience in your contact centres while improving Agent Experience, then claim your FREE High-Performance Coaching strategy session. During this free consultation, one of our experts will discuss your situation and the system you need in place to achieve your strategic goals.