Coaching Survey: How to get visibility of the coaching performance of your managers

No doubt, HR runs an employee feedback survey in your organisation from time-to-time. These are great for assessing employee engagement and culture within your organisation. However, HR is seeking different information from you. Even though Googles’ data scientists identified the essential characteristic of a great manager is being a ‘good coach’ (Harrell & Barbato, 2018), employee feedback tools don’t assess the quality of coaching provided by your team leaders and centre managers. This is where you need a specialist tool.

A Coaching Survey is an online tool to track the quality of High-Performance Coaching your team leaders and centre managers are providing their teams. It does this through regular surveys completed by team members on their immediate manager. At the same time, it allows you to assess its impact on engagement. You can add areas for improvement to a manager’s online Action Plan, of which you’ll have full visibility.

With a Coaching Survey, you can also see roll-up reporting of coaching quality across management groups and business units. This allows you to identify broader themes which you may need to address.

For example, you’ll want to be able to see results for managers within a business unit:

Coaching Survey

And be able to dig down to the results for each manager:

Coaching Survey - for a manager.png

What you should do now

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