Coaching Tracker: How to get real-time visibility of the coaching your managers are providing

Since the most effective way to improve performance is to have your managers consistently coach the High-Performance Behaviours, you need a way to measure and get real-time visibility of the quantity of coaching they’re providing. This visibility would enable you to support your managers and hold them accountable for doing the coaching required of them.

A Coaching Tracker is an online tool to track the quantity of High-Performance Coaching your team leaders and centre managers are providing their teams.

With it, managers can record all their coaching activity in real-time, so it doesn’t become a burden. It allows them to track their performance against your expectations and provides a single location for all coaching notes to be stored. Being online gives you real-time visibility of the coaching your managers are doing, and allows you to drill down to the coaching received by individual CSRs and team leaders.

For example, you’ll want to be able to see coaching activity across your business unit:

Coaching Tracker.png

And be able to dig down to the coaching each manager has given their team:

Coaching Tracker - for a manager.png

What you should do now

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