High-Performance Coaching Techniques: How to Coach

The performance of your frontline staff is directly influenced by how they’re managed and coached by their team leader. Moreover, how team leaders choose to manage and coach their people is directly influenced by how they’re managed and coached by their centre manager (Hutchinson & Purcell, 2003). These two management groups are the primary influencers of performance in your business (Rackham, 1979) (CEB, 2005).

While most companies understand the importance of coaching and have made some investment in it, what passes for coaching in most organisations is inadequate for driving high performance. There are six High-Performance Coaching techniques that team leaders and centre managers need to be skilled in to maximise the performance of their teams. However, most organisations generally train their managers in only one coaching technique. Unfortunately, it’s been our experience in contact centres that the majority of managers have even forgotten that one due to lack of use.

There are six High-Performance Coaching techniques because coaching is situational. The best method to use depends on the outcome required. Different techniques are necessary for reinforcing behaviour, correcting behaviour, and guiding behaviour.

High-Performance Coaching Techniques.png

To improve performance, your team leaders will need to reinforce the High-Performance Behaviours and correct any off-track behaviour.

Here are the situations where it’s appropriate to use each coaching technique…

Coaching Techniques - When to use each.png

Given it’s unlikely your managers are skilled in these six techniques, you’ll need to provide training to ensure they’re competent in them.

To illustrate the power of these Coaching techniques, here’s what a Contact Centre Sales Manager for a multi-national insurance company had to say after his teams started using them:

 “Within 21 weeks of applying this approach to our outbound sales campaigns, sales revenue increased by 278% in one of them, and increased by 281% in the other. When we applied the approach to another of our campaigns, sales conversion increased by 43% in a month. This month has had the biggest start in memory – performing at 140% of what was projected.”


What you should do now

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