GAME ON: How to increase sales, productivity and customer experience by turning your managers into High-Performance Coaches


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Under pressure to meet your sales, productivity or customer experience targets?

If performance isn't where you need it to be, you probably haven't yet provided your managers with a High-Performance Coaching system to follow to achieve your strategic goals.

With one in place, they'll maximise the performance of their frontline teams and deliver the results you're seeking.

GAME ON is a business parable that will show you how to make this performance shift. The story comes out of our extensive expertise at increasing sales, productivity and customer experience in the contact centres and retail networks of more than 50 large organisations. Some of the things you'll learn:

  • How to win: the High-Performance Behaviours that create success

  • How to coach: the six High-Performance Coaching techniques your managers need to use

  • When to coach: the Coaching Rhythm your managers need to follow to maximise performance


Praise from clients who have implemented the advice in this book

“There was a 519% increase in sales.” Bryan Yianakis, AAPT

“Call Handling Time reduced from around 7 minutes to under 5 minutes 30 seconds.” George van Ooyen, Ministry of Social Development

“Customer Availability increased from 50% to 95%.” Dwina Dickinson, Contact Energy

“Revenue increased by 281% in one campaign, and by 278% in another.” Josh Ballantyne, multinational insurance company


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