ROAM: What to Coach

To improve performance, your team leaders need to coach their staff on the High-Performance Behaviours. These behaviours are ones which will achieve the sales, productivity and customer experience desired.

The ROAM model provides a structured way of determining the Performance Measures to focus on, and the High-Performance Behaviours required to improve performance in those measures. Let’s take a look at what it includes, along with examples of what it might include if you were focused on increasing sales.

ROAM: What to Coach

The two Performance Measures are Results and Objectives. You’ll already be clear on these.

  • Results: these are metrics over which your frontline staff have little control: such as sales revenue, average time to answer, and Net Promoter Score.

  • Objectives: these are the metrics which frontline staff can significantly influence through their actions. They determine the results you achieve. Consequently, they’re the main metrics on which you should track performance of your frontline teams.

    These include measures such as sales conversion rate, average handling time, and percentage of customer responses completed with four hours.

High-Performance Behaviours are those Activities and Methods that distinguish your high performing frontline staff from your average. They don’t describe the entire job but describe those behaviours which, if used consistently by a competent team member, will transform them into a high performer.

  • Activities: these are the groups of behaviours used to improve performance in an Objective. You’ll need to focus your team leaders on coaching their teams in these.

  • Method: these are the specific physical actions and word phrases which high performing frontline staff use when undertaking an Activity. High-Performance Coaching focuses on consistently coaching all frontline staff to use these. When your team leaders do this, they’ll improve performance in your Objectives. By way of example, the lead generation method below illustrates what we mean…

Lead Generation Method.png

To demonstrate the power of this approach, here’s what the General Manager for a retail branch network had to say when he used this methodology to improve sales:

 “BravaTrak’s High-Performance Coaching system creates results which are immediate and tangible. Implementing it had an amazing impact on sales, staff morale and retention and the whole culture of the branch network. We’ve had our best years on record because of BravaTrak. I really think the missing link has been found with this system.”

 Given it’s unlikely you’ll have all elements of the ROAM model figured out, you’ll want to put together a High-Performance Panel to identify the High-Performance Behaviours for each of your Objectives. They will need the relevant training to ensure they’re competent to undertake this work.

The training you have in place will be the starting point for your High-Performance Panel. However, they will also need to identify which methods your high-performing CSRs use, along with any others required to ensure satisfactory customer outcomes. In many organisations we’ve helped, we’ve found that high-performers use behaviours not included in the training they’ve received.


What you should do now

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