We have 27 years’ experience in helping organisations rapidly increase sales and service, by transforming their managers into Great Sales and Service Managers.

We have worked with over 10,000 managers across Australia and New Zealand. This means we’ve got unrivaled insight into what works, and what doesn’t, to increase sales and service by at least 21% in 21 weeks*. These insights have driven the development of BravaTrak® – First in Leadership Analytics.

We have worked with organisations in many sectors, including Airline booking, Audiology, Banking, Classified advertising, Energy, Engineering services, Estate administration, Financial services, Glass repair and replacement, Insurance, Motoring, Public infrastructure, Retail, Security, Sports betting and Telecommunications.


Blair is the founder and Chief Executive of Brava Ltd. For the past 27 years he has helped organisations rapidly increase sales and service, while also improving employee engagement, by improving the leadership performance of their managers. He has extensive experience in creating significant performance improvements for a wide range of clients across Australia and New Zealand. As a result, Blair has gained unparalleled insights into what works, and what doesn’t to quickly increase sales and service. These insights have driven the development of BravaTrak®.
Blair received his BA in Psychology from the University of Otago.


Over the past decade, Mal has developed a reputation as a pragmatic, insightful and inspirational leadership improvement specialist. His passion for coaching and leadership is fuelled by his desire to create real-world results for individuals and organisations.

Mal’s area of interest and study in recent years has been in Neuroscience and Positive Psychology, and its application to everyday practical leadership. He is an internationally Certified Coach and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistics, and an international mBIT Trainer and Coach.


Michelle is passionate about developing leadership capability, and has over 12 year’s hands-on experience in leadership roles. For the past seven years she has focused on coaching and training others in leadership, and has facilitated powerful changes in work performance, engagement and motivation as well as in areas of personal growth and change.

Michelle has studied different areas of psychology, adult learning and neuroscience. She’s an accredited Coach in the Babcock Coaching Methodology, a certified mBIT Professional Coach & Trainer and a Master Practitioner & Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).


Graeme is passionate about software innovation, and leveraging his experience to promote technology producers on the world stage. He is highly experienced in helping start-ups grow and maximise their global market potential. Graeme has previously been the CEO of two software start-ups, one of which grew to NZD$30m annual revenue and was listed on the London stock exchange.
He is CEO of Brilliant Software, Executive Director of Webranz, Advisory Board Member of Abtrac, and an Executive in Residence at The Icehouse.


While primarily responsible for providing sales and marketing support to BravaTrak® partners, Matt also implements business growth strategies for BravaTrak® and oversees the web services technical operations. Matt received his BCom in Information Systems and Marketing from the University of Auckland.

*Provided you are behind in an achievable target in the sales or service metric you choose, and it is a metric over which your front-line staff have control. Team members are to be working in an environment where they have only 1 or 2 interactions with a customer, or do job after job.

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