About Us

BravaTrak is the only High-Performance Coaching system for helping contact centres increase customer experience while improving employee engagement. We've specialised in this for 23 years. So we bring a deep understanding of how to assist you to overcome the challenges you're facing.

In short:

  • We've helped increase performance in the business units of more than 50 large organisations across Asia-Pacific. They include Virgin Australia, Telecom NZ, State Insurance, Contact Energy, World Vision Australia, among many others.

  • We help our clients get incredible results. Our measure of success is getting sustainable performance improvements for you. Our High-Performance Coaching system helps you achieve that. Performance increases over 21% are typical within a few months - as demonstrated by over 46 testimonials.

  • We've worked across inbound sales and service and outbound sales and retention. Whatever the nature of your sales or service channel, we can help you increase customer experience while improving employee engagement. We’ve done it many times before.

  • We have worked with businesses just like yours. We have worked with a wide variety of industries including airline booking, banking, charity, classified advertising, debt collection, energy, financial services, glass replacement, insurance, motoring club, outsourced contact centres, public sector, security and telecommunications. Whatever industry you're in, you can be sure we bring relevant experience when assisting you.

  • We've been evolving our High-Performance Coaching system for over two decades (working with over 10,000 managers). This means that we have extensive experience of what works to help increase customer experience while improving employee engagement in your contact centres.

  • We take an evidence based approach. That means we help companies only put in place what we know improves performance. We’ve taken the time to identify what high performing managers do consistently. Global research in behavioural science, leadership, employee engagement and high-performance sports coaching supports our findings.

We have helped to grow performance in the contact centres and retail networks of over 50 large organisations since 1997.

We have helped to grow performance in the contact centres and retail networks of over 50 large organisations since 1997.


Our Team

Blair Stevenson - High-Performance Coach at BravaTrak

Blair Stevenson, Founder and High-Performance Coaching Expert

Blair Stevenson helps senior managers increase customer experience in their contact centres while improving employee engagement. With 30 years’ experience, if there is such a thing as a ‘super power’, then this is his.

Blair is the CEO of BravaTrak. The High-Performance Coaching system he and his team have developing for improving performance has helped clients achieve incredible results. Performance increases over 21% are typical within a few months. Those clients have included contact centres and retail networks across more than 50 large organisations serving a wide variety of industries.

Blair holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Otago.

Mal Winnie - Master Trainer at BravaTrak

Mal Winnie, Master Trainer

Over the past decade, Mal has developed a reputation as a pragmatic, insightful and inspirational High-Performance Coaching specialist. His passion for coaching and leadership is fuelled by his desire to create real-world results for individuals and organisations.

Mal’s area of interest and study in recent years has been in Neuroscience and Positive Psychology, and its application to everyday practical leadership. He is an internationally Certified Coach and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistics, and an international mBIT Trainer and Coach.

Vanessa Varela - High Performance Coach

Vanessa Varela, Master Coach

Vanessa is an experienced coach, and has worked in the contact centres industry for the past 11 years. She has worked as a call taker, Team Manager, and as a Contact Centre Trainer. As a trainer, she used our High-Performance Coaching system to help her contact centres exceed sales targets, and provide award-winning service.

Vanessa received a BA in Applied Linguistics, Language Teaching and Learning at the Valle University, in Colombia.

Anna - High Performance Coach

Anna Kingston, Master Coach

Anna is focused on helping managers bring out the best in their teams, lift performance, have fun and deliver results.  She has implemented innovative coaching and sales & service improvement programmes within telecommunications, retail, airline and financial services for over 20 years.  Her previous roles include Learning and Development Manager at Noel Leeming, Leadership programme designer at Foodstuffs and Performance Consultant at Air New Zealand, Spark and IAG.

Anna is fascinated by how the brain works and how we can use it more effectively. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Neurobiology, is a qualified Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a certified Leadership Coach and mBIT Coach.

Michelle Dalley - Master Coach at BravaTrak

Michelle Dalley, Master Coach

Michelle is passionate about coaching others, and has over 12 year’s hands-on experience in leadership roles. For the past nine years she has focused on coaching and training others in leadership, and has facilitated powerful changes in work performance, engagement and motivation as well as in areas of personal growth and change.

Michelle has studied different areas of psychology, adult learning and neuroscience. She’s an accredited Coach in the Babcock Coaching Methodology, a certified mBIT Professional Coach & Trainer and a Master Practitioner & Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Graeme Frost

Graeme Frost, Software Advisor

Graeme is passionate about software innovation, and leveraging his experience to promote technology producers on the world stage. He is highly experienced in helping start-ups grow and maximise their global market potential. Graeme has previously been the CEO of two software start-ups, one of which grew to NZD$30m annual revenue and was listed on the London stock exchange.

He is CEO of Brilliant Software, Executive Director of Webranz, Advisory Board Member of Abtrac, and an Executive in Residence at The Icehouse.

Matt Stevenson

Matt Stevenson, Business Manager

While primarily responsible for providing sales and marketing support to BravaTrak partners, Matt also implements business growth strategies for BravaTrak and oversees the web services technical operations. Matt received his BCom in Information Systems and Marketing from the University of Auckland.


What you should do now

1. If you’d like help to increase customer experience in your contact centres while improving employee engagement, then claim your FREE High-Performance Coaching strategy session. During this free consultation, one of our experts will discuss your situation and the system you need in place to achieve your strategic goals.

2. If you’d like to learn about High-Performance Coaching for free, go to our “Learning Zone” page, where you can get download resources to help you start increasing customer experience today. Or if you’d like us to assist you with increasing customer experience while improving employee engagement (not for free), then contact us and we’ll discuss your requirements.